Opening - February 4, 2017: Cultural Workers will perform followed by a discussion on the history and uses of the Agave. Tequila and Mezcal Tasting.

February 11, 2017: Nativa Remedies by Celeste Casillas: Community workshop on how to use traditional herbs in modern daily life and creating at home remedies influenced by elder and ancestral healing methods and the passing down of stories. Participants will make a salve to take home.

Feb 9, 2017: Ricardo Dominguez will join us for a conversation and skype in his collaborator Amy Sara Carroll (who wrote the poems on the Transborder Immigrant Tool) we will be talking about Border publics, Art and Activism.

March 3, 2017: Performative Presentation by Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Balitronica, and Alex Rivera

TBD: Mural Workshop with Navajo and Chicana Muralist Nani Chacon

Cognitive mapping: realizing your space in a neighborhood